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Elevated marketing and advertising geared to grow our clients online presence, increase their sales and improve their brand's


The easiest way to bring your brand to life is through content creation. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, which means a video is worth over a million. Our content team has years of experience capturing high-end products and businesses. Our creative team specializes in making eye-popping and captivating media geared to increase conversion, grow engagement and build brand recognition. Our media services extend to videography, photography and social media management.


Marketing is a game of trust. It's about building a brand and company that the end consumer and or user feel connected with. At Trulson + Tews, we understand that marketing is a long-term game that requires patience and persistence to develop and grow. Using modern technology, we specialize in creating customized solutions that maximize a client's return on investment. Our range of services, including strategy, consulting, brand activations, and influencer marketing. With our strategic expertise and attention to detail, we can be a valuable long-term partner for businesses looking to achieve their marketing goals. "Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart" - Joebhai Chernov


Advertising is the foundation and root of how our agency was born. In 2018, Trulson + Tews began when we were running Ads for drop-shipping stores. After seeing the success our stores were having, a few company's approached us to run their advertising. It was then that we established our agency and have since grown our advertising portfolio from Meta (Facebook and Instagram) to Google, Bing, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tik Tok Ads. Our agency has successfully helped businesses generate over 7+ figures in revenue through our advertising efforts. We look forward to strategizing and assisting your business with their next campaign!


A business's or individual's brand are the first impression an end consumer has before engaging with yourself or your team. Design, branding, websites, and logos are some of the main building blocks of a prosperous business. A strong brand forges an emotional connection with customers, a website acts as the digital storefront, and logos offer visual recognition. Together, they create a potent image that attracts customers, builds trust, and boosts revenue. To succeed in business, investing in a strong brand identity is vital. Our creative team thrives off helping businesses achieve a strong brand presence that both them and their clients are proud to be associated with.
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"Outsourcing our social media content production and management to Trulson and Tews is the best marketing decision we have ever made. Michaela has helped streamline our social media, from branding to our message. In addition, she and her team has helped create beautiful content from photos and videos, crafting relatable and educational post, reels, and successful google ads that pay for the marketing itself.  Their team is fun, attentive and makes every effort to make certain all our needs have been met.  Nothing has ever been left on def ears and they always go above and beyond, which is rare these days.  Therefore, we love working with this team of young, bright, and motivated marketing professionals.  The best part is that the longer we work with them, the more cohesive our marketing content looks, truly sharing our brand authenticity and targeting quality patients. We couldn't be more ecstatic about our results."

Pearson Chiropractic

I Would recommend Trulson&Tews to any business big or small. In simple terms, Michaela, and her team have expanded our business in areas where we wanted to see growth. She is a people person that you can relate to. She has A knack for finding what you really want for your business, then building, and executing a plan to make it all happen! Thank you Michaela, and the entire Trulson&Tews team for all your expertise, and hustle!

Jacob Sabin
Greenfield Services

"Have been TOTALLY blown away by Michaela and her team. It’s a tough decision on who to pick when looking for SEO and marketing, but you will find trust, communication, and the highest level results working with this team. Thank you for all you do for all of us!"

Rob Sears
Seattle Injury Law